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Deluxe Door Jamb Cuffs Sportsheets Our price: $52.95

Deluxe Door Jamb Cuffs Sportsheets

If bedroom encounter is too boring for your taste, why not do it to an unusual alternative place where you can save much space, but not the excitement- why not try your doorway? The Doorway can be an excellent place to do a little bondage play. The Deluxe Door Jamb Cuffs Sportsheets, Over-the-Door Cuffs are high quality Velcro based sportscuffs with tethers that have a short plastic tube at the end. Pin the Deluxe Door Jamb Cuffs Sportsheets over the door and close it, and you will have a mechanism to secure someone for some fantasy play. For a quick release, just open the door. The soft tubes hold securely when the door is closed, but they won't mar or damage the door. Each of the two suspending straps is fully adjustable to allow you and your lover to find the perfect height while the foot stirrups adjust separately to hold you in your favorite positions. Just be sure your door is strong enough to handle you.
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Sportsheets Door Jam Sex Sling Our price: $99.95

Sportsheets Door Jam Sex Sling Features

Turn Any Door Into A Wild Sex Sling! Just place the anchors over any door and close, and you’re ready for swinging sex in the Sportsheets Door Jam Sex Sling! Sit in the padded sex sling seat, rest your feet in stirrup straps, grab the hand grips, and indulge in the wildest, kinkiest positions with ease! Sex sling seat and stirrups are fully adjustable. Great for travel. Supports up to 325 lbs. • Sturdy door jam sex sling • Sets and packs up in seconds • In black • Works on any standard closed door • For reaching new heights and positions • 7” x 17” padded height-adjustable seat has more support than comparable slings • Adjustable foot straps up to 52” • Hand grips for balance • Supports up to 325 lbs. Get at those hard-to-achieve positions without the strain or the hardware! The Sportsheets Door Jam Sex Sling installs in seconds on any door – so you can indulge in sex sling fun anytime, anywhere! Just open the door, toss the Door Jam Sex Sling’s discreet anchors over the top, and close the door. That’s it! Your Door Jam Sex Sling is secure and ready for a ride! Deciding what position to try is more difficult than adjusting your Sportsheets Door Jam Sex Sling. Just sit in the wide padded sex sling seat and have your partner help you get your feet into the stirrup-like foot straps. Both the sex sling seat and foot straps are independently adjustable, so you can raise the seat while you lower the foot straps and vice versa. Just pull the straps to adjust to your desired positions, then use the adjustable strap locks to keep your sex sling in its place. You and your partner will love the sex sling’s comfortable yet sturdy straps. Try out spread-wide, knees-up, and weightless standing sex – there are so many ways to have fun with the Sportsheets Door Jam Sex Sling.
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