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”Carnal Pleasures” Collection Our price: $110.00
''Carnal Pleasures'' Collection In this collection, you get all the intimate products you need to bring sexual excitement to a new level and experience the full pleasure of carnal love. Includes:Erotic Massage Oil (Libido) 250 ml e / 8 oz, Intimate Kisses Aphrodisiac Oil (Strawberry & Champagne) 100ml e / 3.5 oz, Sensation Balm (Blazing Cherry)60 ml e / 2 oz, Sweet Snow Body Powder (Strawberry & Champagne) 160 g / 5.2 oz with feather, Soft Move Massage Cream (Blazing Cherry) 200 ml e / 7 oz. A perfect gift!... Everything yo need for a night of romance! Massage oil, delicious aphrodisiac oil, luscious sweet body powder, a gorgeous feather to tease, a tasty massage cream and a sensation balm!  What more do you need!
Be Mine Cuddle Massage Kit-Amour Our price: $38.95

Be Mine Cuddle Massage Kit-Amour

  • Amour…Be Mine Cuddle Kit is a romantic collection of sexy items designed to put a spark into your relationship, or start a new one!
  • Nothing says “be mine” quite like a cute, plushy teddy bear
  • Plushy soft teddy bear
  • Discreet waterproof power massager with 4 interchangeable tips
  • 1 Fl Oz / 30 ml Amour Massage Oil infused with pheromones and antioxidants
  • 1 AA battery
  • Polyester (teddy bear) Organza (ribbon) Plastic (eyes) ABS (massager, attachments) ABS with silver plating (accents)
  • 4”x 1”/ 10.25 cm x 2.5 cm (massager)
  • 1”x .75”/ 2.5 cm x 2 cm (tips)
Foreplay Ice Glacial Our price: $21.95
Foreplay Ice Glacial Foreplay Ice Glacial Pink Stimulator is a non-vibrating foreplay device. Foreplay Ice Teaser is a whole new way to play! The cooling caress of ice creates sensual sensations that can only be described as incredible! Tease your lover to new heights of ecstasy with any or all of these enticing new massagers. Fill with water, freeze, insert plunger, and push ice upward for teasing foreplay. Easy to use, instructions included. Safe and pure for body and pleasure. Made using phthalate free, non-toxic materials silicone. Stimulator measures 2.5 inches long by 1.75 inches wide. Bulk weight: 1.2 ounces. Always clean before and after use plus between partners. Preparation time approximately 30 minutes. The time it takes to freeze water. Colors may vary.
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Hearts Desire Warming Body Massager Our price: $13.95
Hearts Desire Warming Body Massager Heart's Desire Warming Body Massager play together. Massage together. Love together! Product features: Heart-Shaped Body Massager is easy to use. Caresses each body curve during massage with tantalizing, warm enticement. Bend metal disc inside body massager to activate heat source. Massager will heat up to 129 degrees F (54 degrees C). Test on small area of body for comfort prior to full application. Glide smoothly over desired area of body for a warm, sensual body massage. To reuse: re-heat in boiling water for 7-10 minutes or until crystals re-liquefy. Use non-piercing tongs to carefully remove heated body massager from water and allow to cool to a comfortable temperature suitable for body contact. Do not heat in microwave. Add the sweet seduction of a warm, pampering touch to any body massage! Pair with a favorite massage oil or lotion. Hearts Desire is a registered trademark for Classic Erotica. Classic Erotica manufactures romance products, designed to be women and couples friendly.
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Hot Horny Wild Dice Game Our price: $14.95
Hot Horny Wild Dice Game Unleash your untamed lust for each other Hot Horny Wild Dice are perfect for couples looking for a sexy and exciting romp between the sheets. Faux Leather Dice and Satin Eye mask
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Kama Sutra Sweetheart Box Our price: $44.95

Kama Sutra Sweetheart Box - Strawberry

Open yourself to new possibilities of love when you show the true colors of your heart. Enjoy the sweet delights of strawberries & white chocolate body treats or indulge in assorted sinfully rich chocolate body treats. Whatever your pleasure, your lover will be begging for more. Body Paint: Dip the paintbrush or your fingers into the rich chocolate body paint. Create your masterpiece on your lover's body and then enjoy the sweet taste of their skin. Body Souffle: Massage your flavor of choice into a lover's skin. Follow the massage by lightly tracing your tongue across your lover's body, building desire and anticipation... Honey Dust: Lightly dip the feather into the Honey Dust and stroke the soft feather across your lover's body. This delicate body powder will leave the skin feeling soft, smelling fragrant and tasting delicious! Includes: Strawberry Crème Brülèe Body Soufflé, White Chocolate Body Paint with a supple body paintbrush, Strawberry Dreams Honey Dust with feather applicator
Lover’s Prisoner Kit-Intimate desires Our price: $43.95
Lover's Prisoner Kit Doing time in the bedroom was never more fun. Includes two playful red and black wrist, ankle restraints, soft collar and slinky 14 inches rubber whip. Everyone might be innocent, but they always give in to the guilt of the Lover's Prisoner Kit.Each of you will beg to be the prisoner of love for the night!  You are only limited by your imaginations!  Add a love mask and the night is yours for the taking!  Keeping couples connected. Why wait for Valentine's Day day? The gift that keeps on giving. Adult gift idea. A classic favorite of couples of all ages from beginners to expert players. Bondage bedroom adult games for two adult players. Keeping couples connected.
Lovers Prisoner Kit by Sportsheets Our price: $29.00

Lovers Prisoner Kit by Sportsheets

Doing time in the bedroom was never more fun. Lovers Prisoner Kit by Sportsheets includes playful red and black restraints, collar and slinky rubber whip. Everyone might be innocent, but they always give in to the guilt of the Lover's Prisoner Kit by Sportsheets.
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Massage Oil Hearts Desire Play Together Lickable Dice Game Our price: $13.95
Massage Oil Hearts Desire Play Together Lickable Dice Game Heart's Desire Play Together Lickable Foreplay Massage Game. Lickable massage oil and dice game all in one! Shake. Play. Massage! Tasty Cotton Candy flavored massage oil for foreplay fun. Sensual touch formula for massage pleasure. Mini dice with sexy actions for sensual foreplay. Perfect for a romantic adventure or anytime. Contains: 1 Bottle of Lickable Massage Oil, 2 Game Dice. 4 fluid ounces Bottle. Product features: Paraben-free, sugar-free, sulfate-free. No Animal Testing. Hearts Desire is a registered trademark for Classic Erotica. Classic Erotica manufactures romance products, designed to be women and couples friendly. Made in USA.
Romantic Restraint Kit Our price: $54.95
Romantic Restraint Kit Black Take your romance way beyond candlelight and champagne! This sexy kit includes a set of Sportscuffs, a Soft Blindfold and Rubber Tickler. Sportscuffs one pair of adjustable neoprene cuffs with Velcro closures. Use for wrist or ankles. Use alone or with Sportsheets Tethers. Combine two cuffs to make a collar. Soft blindfold Classy luxury in a genuine leather blindfold. Comfort-lined and adjustable with Velcro. Rubber tickler from tickle to sting, give the gift of tactile attention! Seven inches of high quality rubber strands for your pleasure. Romantic Restraint Kit keeping couples connected.
Sex Therapy Kit For Lovers Our price: $39.95

Sex Therapy Kit For Lovers

Don't bother calling the Doctor for this one! Everything you need to turn an ordinary night into a night of sexual healing is included in this romantic Sex Therapy Kit for Lovers. From furry cuffs to naughty coupon books and everything in between, this kinky collection has your prescription for pleasure! Therapy has never been so much fun! Kit Includes: Furry Love Cuffs, Satin Rose Petals, Mini-Mite Massager & Heads, Lover's Coupon Book, Mega-Stretch Cock Ring, Satin Love Mask, Edible Body Paint, Flavored Warming Massage Lotion, 2 Hot Wax Candles.
Sexy Slave Kit by Sportsheets Our price: $48.95

Sexy Slave Kit by Sportsheets

Seductive red fantasy kit that includes 4 wrist and ankle restraints with 42" long connectors. Sultry red blindfold and feather tickler are also included. Great kit for novices...fun and flirty! An incredibly sexy kit for insatiably playful lovers, the Sexy Slave Kit by Sportsheets contains everything you need to dominate the night. This collection of bdsm staples is made for versatility. Inside your Sexy Slave Kit by Sportsheets you'll find 2 sets of soft, sultry colored cuffs, a pair for the wrists and one for the ankles, each with an attached tether strap reaching 44 inches (11.76cm). The straps can be tied, wrapped and otherwise attached to anything from bedposts to headboard to chair legs- whatever suits your sexy scenario best. The simple, sturdy Velcro design allows the cuffs to fir just about any size, and lets you attached and (when the time is right) remove them quickly and easily. Aside from the cuffs, there's a soft, tickly feather for the ultimate tease, and a velvety red blindfold, which, as any mischievous couple knows, is a must-have for adding excitement to playtime. Contains
  • 4 x cuffs with 4" connectors
  • 1 x blindfold
  • 1 x feather tickler
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Shunga Sweet Snow Sensual Body Powder Our price: $32.00

Shunga  Sweet Snow  Sensual Body Powder

Make a sweet dessert out of your partner with Sweet Snow Sensual Body Powder! Sprinkle this exciting flavor all over your partner's body. Softly, use the feather to dust the powder, tease the skin and make your partner shudder all over. Then, treat yourself to dessert! Available in three sensual flavors including Blazing Cherry, Honey of the Nymphs or Champagne & Strawberries. 8 oz. Sprinkle small amounts of the powder onto the skin, or use the feather to spread on the desired areas. Use freely on any part of the body. Ingredients (INCI): Aluminium starch octenyl-succinate, Corn starch/Fécule de maïs, Aspartame, N & A Flavor/Saveur (Aroma), Benzyl alcohol, D-Limonene, Methyl ionone.
Shunga Garden of Edo Organic Collection set Our price: $120.00

Shunga Garden of Edo Organic Collection set

Shunga Garden of Edo Organic product line is for intimate moments, dedicated to those who are passionate about lovemaking and nature. All Garden of Edo products contain carefully selected certified organic ingredients: 1 each Exotic Green Tea Massage Oil, Exotic Green tea Aphrodisiac Oil, TOKO Organica lubricant, Lotus Noir Enhancing Gel for her & him, Lotus Flower, Erotic Bath Salt from the dead sea. All Shunga Garden of Edo products contain carefully selected certified organic ingredients, to provide the safest most sensual natural love making experience yet. Experience the true force of nature with Shunga Garden of Edo Organic Collection set.
Shunga Love Bath Sensual Lotus Our price: $30.00
Shunga Love Bath
  • Relaxes
  • Leaves skin silky smooth
  • Non staining
  • Perfumes the room
  Turns bath water into a luxurious jelly inspired by the sensual ritual of japanese lovebaths. Directions: Contains 2 sachets: the first one transforms the water into a gel and the second one turns it back into water.
Ingredients (I.N.C.I.): Bag 1: Sodium Polyacrylate/Polyacrylate de sodium, Fragrance (Parfum), Calcium Silicate/Silicate de calcium, Aloe Vera Extract/extrait d’aloes (Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice), Allantoin/Allantoine, Panthenol, Colors for/couleurs pour : Ocean: FD&C Blue/Bleu #1 (CI 42090); Dragon: D&C Red/Rouge #33 (CI 17200); Lotus : D&C Red/Rouge #33 (CI 17200), FD&C Blue/Bleu #1 (CI 42090). Bag 2: Sodium Chloride (and) Magnesium Sulfate/Chlorure de sodium (et) Sulfate de magnésium
Net Weight 650g / 23 oz.
Shunga Oriental Body Slide Erotic Massage Gel Our price: $32.00

Shunga Oriental Body Slide Erotic Massage Gel

The Oriental body-to-body massage is a completely arousing and intensely erotic sensual experience. The gel, poured entirely onto the two naked bodies, lets lovers glide against one another in a slip-and-slide motion with ease and almost in complete weightlessness, which creates an intoxicating and aphrodisiac effect. The feeling of the skin itself becomes exciting and transforms sweet caresses into soft touches that bring you to the height of your imagination and your wildest desires... A one-of-a-kind fun adventure for sensual lovers! The mix makes 4 Liters (I US Gallons). Large Waterproof sheet included. Available in Strawberries and Champagne! In Palm Harbor we call it Slip N Slide! 2 ea. 8 fl. oz