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Ben Wa Balls-Fetish Our price: $24.95

Ben Wa Balls-Fetish

Here's a new twist on an old favorite. The original Ancient Chinese Secret for tight Kegel muscles is new and improved for your modern day needs! Ben Wa Balls-Fetish are here in the same classic shape, but with a beautiful new Chrome coating. Get Zen and get off!
Lelo Luna Beads Our price: $79.95

Lelo Luna Beads The Progressive Bead System for Exercising the Pelvic Floor

LUNA beads are for women who treasure their sensuality. A stylish and discreet alternative to the traditional geisha balls, the beads work to strengthen the vaginal wall and PC muscles through more effective Kegel exercising. When placed delicately inside, they deliver a subtle, movement-induced vibe that prompts the muscles to contract, ensuring a comfortable and convenient workout that fits with every routine. This promises an array of health benefits, improving muscular control for women of all ages, while revealing the pleasures that caring for your body will bring.
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The Leopard Duotone Balls Our price: $18.95

The Leopard Duotone Balls

Give your PC muscles a workout and get lots of pleasure at the same time with the The Leopard Duotone Balls. These scientifically weighted ben-wa type balls are meant to be inserted and worn while you do everyday activities, or to get you revved up for sex. The constant weight and subtle movement-activated vibrations help you target the muscles that need to be flexed and relaxed during kegel exercises, and also provides lots of stimulation. An easy grip loop lets you remove them easily, and the firm, slick plastic make the Balls quick and comfortable to insert. Specifications
  • Width - 1 1/4" at widest
  • Material - Plastic
  • Special Features - Firm, weighted, discreet
  • Color - Marble purple
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The Orgasm Duotone Ben Wa Balls Our price: $18.95

The Orgasm Duotone Ben Wa Balls

The Orgasm Duotone Ben Wa BallsĀ are scientifically weighted for your pleasure. The balls softly vibrate inside you as you move. Every step and stretch stimulates you internally. The Orgasm Duotone Ben Wa Balls work to strengthen vaginal muscles, and send you over-the-edge orgasmically. Like ben-wa balls, these orgasm balls will increase vaginal tightness to heighten pleasure during sex. An exercise routine has never been more appealing. Product Attributes : Weighted Balls For Anal/Vaginal Usage And/Or Exercise Hollow, Plastic Exterior Balls With Smaller Weighted Ball Inside Balls Vibrate Internally Through External Movement Balls Are Fixed & Connected By An ABS/ Nylon Cord Ball Diameter: 1.25 Inches (approx) Ball Girth: 4.25 Inches (approx) Fully Extended Length: 8 Inches, 3 Inch Nylon Cord In Between 2 Fixed Balls, Nylon Looped End For Easy Removal (2.25 Inches) Color: Pink or Purple Phthalates Free, Hypo-Allergenic, Food-Grade Material, Latex Free
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