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Feathered Nipple Clamps-Sex & Mischief Our price: $17.95

Feathered Nipple Clamps-Sex & Mischief

Looking to add a little burlesque feel to your everyday nipple clamps? Maybe you’re interested in making your pain a little more sensuous for your bosom. If so, then the Sex and Mischief Feathered Nipple Clamps by Sportsheets are the perfect product for beginner to intermediate level nipple clamp aficionados So perk up at least two of your erogenous zones. These feathered nipple clamps are tipped in smooth rubber, the hardy metal grips are completely adjustable in terms of tension, simply twist the screw to widen or narrow their grasp. Once in place, the silky black rooster feathers float dazzlingly, effortlessly hypnotizing your playmate while awakening desire and increasing sensation. Nickel free.
Fetish Fantasy Vibrating Nipple Clamps Our price: $44.95

Fetish Fantasy Vibrating Nipple Clamps

Take teasing to a whole new level with Fetish Fantasy Vibrating Nipple Clamps from Pipedream. These no-nonsense rubber tipped clamps hold your nipples tight with adjustable tension. Once they're in place, try out the 10 extra stimulating functions of vibration, pulsation and escalation that are packed into mini bullet vibes attached to the base of the clamps. Controlled with a petite handheld remote, you can take charge, or hand it off to your lover for some surprise sensation. Each clamp with vibe is 5 inches long.
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Furry Animal Cuffs-Sex & Mischief Our price: $19.95

Furry Animal Cuffs-Sex & Mischief

Sex and Mischief by Sportsheets Furry Animal Handcuffs are a classic style of fetish, bondage play gear. Furry Animal Cuffs are made using Nickel free, metal and covered with faux fur separated by a link chain. Furry Animal Cuffs keeping couples connected.
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Lover’s Prisoner Kit-Intimate desires Our price: $43.95
Lover's Prisoner Kit Doing time in the bedroom was never more fun. Includes two playful red and black wrist, ankle restraints, soft collar and slinky 14 inches rubber whip. Everyone might be innocent, but they always give in to the guilt of the Lover's Prisoner Kit.Each of you will beg to be the prisoner of love for the night!  You are only limited by your imaginations!  Add a love mask and the night is yours for the taking!  Keeping couples connected. Why wait for Valentine's Day day? The gift that keeps on giving. Adult gift idea. A classic favorite of couples of all ages from beginners to expert players. Bondage bedroom adult games for two adult players. Keeping couples connected.
Masquerade Mask Our price: $9.95
Masquerade Mask is not really a blindfold but a pretty costume or fantasy accessory. This sexy Masquerade Mask lets you live any masked ball fantasy in the comfort of your own castle. Spend an evening of glamor and romance the way the Venetians used to play! One size fits most. Category: Fantasy Accessories and Toys. Designed to redefine! The Sex and Mischief Collection by Sportsheets has taken the adult industry by storm.
Metal Handcuffs-Sex & Mischief Our price: $14.95

Metal Cuffs-Sex & Mischief

Sex and Mischief Metal Handcuffs: Make love under lock and key with these Metal Handcuffs. No frills, no fuss - these handcuffs do the job the old-fashioned way with classic style. Nickel free metal..
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Red Leash and Collar-Sex & Mischief Our price: $19.95

Red Leash and Collar-Sex & Mischief

Sex and Mischief Red Leash and Collar. Soft red collar fastens securely with studs and connects to a strong nylon leash with a sturdy D-ring. Easy on, easy off for safety and comfort. Leash extends to 48 inches.  
Riding Crop-Sex & Mischief Our price: $14.95

Riding Crop-Sex & Mischief

A timeless classic, the tried and true Riding Crop is a versatile accessory for bondage play, be it light and teasing, or darker and more intense. Petite and easily held in hand, the Riding Crop is nice and firm, allowing perfect maneuverability. Despite it's smaller size, the leatherette PVC end definitely does the trick. It will deliver quite the sting when wielded just right, and is wonderfully precise. The Riding Crop measures in at 12 inches long.
Spread the Love Bar-Sex & Mischief Our price: $39.95

Spread the Love Bar-Sex & Mischief

Sex & Mischief, the Spread The Love Bar is a unique, ultra effective way to playfully take control of sexual situations. Consisting of a rigid 15 inch spreader with attached cuffs, there are all kinds of ways to enjoy the Bar with your playmate. When the ankles are trussed up into the soft cuffs, your mates legs are held apart effectively, and when the wrists are cuffed up too, the possible positions that could ensue are mind boggling. Regardless of how you choose to use Spread the Love Bar, you'll both adore how easy it is to get in and out of, you can have your lover bound up in seconds, and freed just as quickly, thanks to the simple, adjustable Velcro straps that adjust to fit almost any size.  
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The G-Spot Link Sex positioning Our price: $43.95
The G-Spot Link Sex positioning aid  has never been so relaxing.   Let it take the stress off your legs with the cuffs and let your partner take you for a ride you won't soon forget!  Leaving you begging for more!  The key to a long term relationship is the desire to try new things let The G-Spot Link be a part of the adventure!  Easily adjustable for maximum comfort. Hit the G-Spot every time. Instructional booklet included.  Keeping couples connected. Sexual positioning aids.The G-Spot Link- sex positioning aid.
The Grey Tie-Sex & Mischief Our price: $10.95

The Grey Tie-Sex & Mischief

Inspired by the popular novels, The Grey Tie is extra long and large patterned grey tie is the perfect prop for a sexy foray into bondage play. Versatile and easy-to-use, you and your partner can get creative or recreate your favorite scenes from the book.
  • 100% polyester
  • Great for beginner bondage play
Under The Bed Restraint System Our price: $79.95
Under The Bed Restraint System The original Sportsheet Bondage Under The Bed Restraint System has revolutionized bedroom bandage play. It is fitted, velvet-like Velcro compatible bed cover with 4 easy to place Anchor Pads. Attach any of the 4 Sports Cuffs to an arm or leg which then quickly attaches to an Anchor Pad on the bed sheet. Change your bedroom into a bondage fantasy playground. Under The Bed Restraint System Turn any size bed into a place of binding pleasure. Restraint straps quickly fit beneath any mattress or frame without hooks. Restrain your partner's arms or legs from the sides or the top and bottom of the bed. Portable and travel sized. Includes 4 cuffs and restraint straps. Details: Under The Bed Restraint System contains four cuffs, four 60 inches restraint straps and one 60 inches connector strap. Includes: 4 adjustable cuffs (fits 4 inches to 12 inches wrists), 4 restraint straps secured to one connector strap that fits securely under your mattress. Restrains your partners' arms and legs from the sides or bottom of the bed. Restraint strap quickly fits beneath any mattress with no hooks and adjusts to the size you desire. Easy set-up on any mattress. Portable and great for a surprise getaway. Under The Bed Restraint System from Sportsheets. Keeping couples connected.

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