Wine Purse – Black

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Wine Purse – Black

Fancy New Ladies Handbag Brings Out the Magic (Literally) of an Otherwise Stale Event.

Having a glass of wine or any alcohol or non-alcoholic beverage when you want is easy with a wine Bag. Some people refer to the wine Bag as a purse with a twist!  A ladies hand bag that dispenses wine or any other beverage is just fun but in a discreet and classy way!

This discrete wine bag is the most Cosmopolitan we could find. Black with hidden compartments that insulate the beverage of choice but also hides it from even the most inquisitive eyes – Goes with everything

Cool, classy and totally cosmopolitan – but equally important – it’s a solution!

There are many, many times when access to a well-deserved drink is neither available or prohibited

If you have the desire for convenience while maintaining a large dose of class and dignity this wine bag is for you…

Color Black

Material Leather

Weight 2.8 lbs