Shunga Sweet Snow Sensual Body Powder

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Shunga  Sweet Snow  Sensual Body Powder

Make a sweet dessert out of your partner with Sweet Snow Sensual Body Powder! Sprinkle this exciting flavor all over your partner’s body. Softly, use the feather to dust the powder, tease the skin and make your partner shudder all over. Then, treat yourself to dessert!

Available in three sensual flavors including Blazing Cherry, Honey of the Nymphs or Champagne & Strawberries.

8 oz.

Sprinkle small amounts of the powder onto the skin, or use the feather to spread on the desired areas. Use freely on any part of the body.

Ingredients (INCI): Aluminium starch octenyl-succinate, Corn starch/Fécule de maïs, Aspartame, N & A Flavor/Saveur (Aroma), Benzyl alcohol, D-Limonene, Methyl ionone.