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Shunga Tenderness & Passion Collection Our price: $65.00
Shunga Tenderness & Passion Collection A Lovers Celebration! Tenderness & Passion Collection all that is needed to obtain passion through tenderness.  Shunga A Lovers Celebration! This sensual kit includes an Erotic Massage Oil, an Intimate Kisses Aphrodisiac Oil, a Sweet Snow Body Powder and a hand made feather tickler! All in a Strawberries & Champagne fragrance and taste!
Tempt and Tease Romance Kit-Amour Our price: $18.95

Tempt and Tease Romance Kit-Amour

  • Amour-Tempt and Tease Romance Kit-Amour is a sexy collection designed to put a spark into your relationship, or start a new one!
  • Let your imagination run wild with the Tempt and Tease Romance kit
  • Stretch-to-Fit Satin Eye Mask
  • Sensual Tickler
  • Foreplay Dice (3)
  • Nylon and Polyester (mask) Turkey Feather, PET, Phthalate-Free PVC (tickler), AS (dice)
Under The Bed Restraint System Our price: $74.95
Under The Bed Restraint System The original Sportsheet Bondage Under The Bed Restraint System has revolutionized bedroom bandage play. It is fitted, velvet-like Velcro compatible bed cover with 4 easy to place Anchor Pads. Attach any of the 4 Sports Cuffs to an arm or leg which then quickly attaches to an Anchor Pad on the bed sheet. Change your bedroom into a bondage fantasy playground. Under The Bed Restraint System Turn any size bed into a place of binding pleasure. Restraint straps quickly fit beneath any mattress or frame without hooks. Restrain your partner's arms or legs from the sides or the top and bottom of the bed. Portable and travel sized. Includes 4 cuffs and restraint straps. Details: Under The Bed Restraint System contains four cuffs, four 60 inches restraint straps and one 60 inches connector strap. Includes: 4 adjustable cuffs (fits 4 inches to 12 inches wrists), 4 restraint straps secured to one connector strap that fits securely under your mattress. Restrains your partners' arms and legs from the sides or bottom of the bed. Restraint strap quickly fits beneath any mattress with no hooks and adjusts to the size you desire. Easy set-up on any mattress. Portable and great for a surprise getaway. Under The Bed Restraint System from Sportsheets. Keeping couples connected.

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